How the Corporate Tax Cut Will Reshape the World. — The Landon Fillmore Company

One of the more difficult aspects of trying to wade through the mess of “news” on any topic is that most topics are filtered through the minds of people that are not technically proficient and condescended to the masses who are less so. No topic is as mercilessly butchered as the Republican corporate tax […] via [...]


Thank you Canada!

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Canada and Justin Trudeau for working so hard at making Donald Trump look Presidential. I can't wait till he goes to Zimbabwe, wears a G-string and carries a spear. I once met Pierre in Thailand when he was PM. If you think Justin is a wingnut... well, [...]

What if we have it all backwards?

The first 50 “studies” you’ll find on Google about the effect of emotions on obesity say the same thing. That people eat to dull emotions. What if we have it backwards? What if we are emotional because we’re obese? Could it be that the media is covering something up? Could it be that this narrative [...]

Go ask Alice, She’s 10 feet tall.

(This is a reprint back on popular demand.) Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" The Cheshire Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." Alice: “I don’t much care where." The Cheshire Cat: “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go." News: [...]

Is the NFL ratings collapse a harbinger of the future?

Or a continuation of the past? Something happened in the 1980’s. Network news started to collapse. For the people who blame cable news, consider this. In 1980, the entire news audience was 53 million people. By 2016, it had fallen to a little over 22 million including cable. Where did 31 million viewers go? To [...]

Is Reincarnation Real?

I’m not a student of theology or eastern mysticism. I don’t meditate, and am philosophically, a Catholic. But I do believe in reincarnation. Why? I see it all around me. One of my favorite lines is from the movie, Gladiator where Russel Crowe, motivating his troops says, “The things we do in life echo through [...]

The ‘Illuminati’ is REAL

The 'Illuminati' is REAL and secretly running our world claims former DEFENCE MINISTER. EXCLUSIVE: A former defence minister has sensationally claimed the legendary Illuminati is REAL and secretly running world affairs from behind the scenes. By JON AUSTIN PUBLISHED: 14:11, Mon, Feb 12, 2018 | UPDATED: 16:13, Mon, Feb 12, 2018 (Paul Schwartzmeyer note: Duh. Did somebody doubt this. [...]

What a fool believes….

He sees. As the song, goes. The image above is of the enticement dance from the movie, Kama Sutra, an extremely erotic Indian film about two girls, one a courtesan, the other a princess, both vying for the affections of a prince. The cartels that run the world master in enticement, or as I like [...]

Are we evolving into simpletons?

(or… “The quick answer is just a google search away.”) Thinking is so 19th century. It has been replaced by cyber-thinking, where the human brain is a venting platform for media induced mass hysteria. #toomuchcaffeineismakingmeanidiot. Consider the latest #Youmissedthepointagain, the GOP release of the smoking gun. If (as the media said) the memo had nothing [...]