A Geeks Note on “Jobs” Creation.

Contrary to what the geniuses on TV tell you, the important number in the jobs release isn’t the new jobs number.

Last month, the US created 200,000 jobs, but the important number is wages.

Wages went up 3 tenths of a percent, a huge gain.

Three tenths of a percent is the wage equivalent of 650,000 new full time jobs paying $24 an hour. This takes the jobs equivalent up to 850,000 new jobs, one of the largest increases in modern history.

This, according to the FED, is highly inflationary. Look for interest rates to go up.



11 Years After Her Death, Lucia Berlin Is Finally a Bestselling Author

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Eleven years after her death, Lucia Berlin has become a literary sensation. Her story collection A Manual for Cleaning Women hit the New York Times best-seller list last week, amid accolades heralding her as a lost “genius.” Even as her health began to collapse, 20 years ago, Lucia was instilling that genius in a younger cadre of writers including me. She has been the guiding force in my work, and my life, long after she died.

Note from Paul: Although I’ve never been a huge fan of VF, they hire very skilled writers.   “She instilled candor, but went further in her own work, to audacity.”


The Ludlum Conspiracy: Was the master storyteller and creator of the blockbuster Bourne movies murdered by his gold-digging wife?

You will know my uncle as a writer of compelling thrillers.

Robert Ludlum is one of the bestselling authors of all time, with works including The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Those books have been turned into astonishingly successful films starring Matt Damon as CIA assassin Jason Bourne.

Robert was, of course, a wealthy man.

He sold more than half a billion novels around the world and earned millions of pounds to match. With it came the lifestyle and acquisitions of an international playboy. There were beachfront homes, private jets and globetrotting adventures.

To me, though, Robert was family, the husband of my mother’s sister. Not only was I his nephew, I later became his personal physician. My earliest memory of this larger-than-life character is him arriving at our house in the Fifties behind the wheel of his pink Cadillac convertible. As a child I had often played at his home, and as an adult  –  he was nearly 20 years my senior  –  we became very close.
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Ioskeha and Tawiscara: The forces of Good and Evil

Ioskeha and Tawiscara are complex figures in native American myth.

They are first brother’s  They are also polar opposites, Ioskeha the creator, representing life and growth and his brother Tawiscara, representing death, night and winter. Finally, like many Gods they are forces of nature and are depicted as good and evil.

In native American myth, these two forces are in a state of constant flux, battling each other to a sort of detente. In both western and eastern mythology, from Cain and Abel, to Vishnu, to the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, they are universal.


The Celts had a goddess of plague, disease and sorcery called Cailleach.

She is the Goddess of winter and death and brings snow until Brigit, the goddess of fire arrives to turn her into stone. To the the Celts (or Druids) winter was death. Trees and plants would “come to life” with the fires of Brigit in the spring.

The early Celts intertwined Jesus with their myth and created Camelot…

the perfect kingdom, destroyed by sin, Guinevere’s lust for Lancelot. In the end, Arthur killed his own son to rid his kingdom of evil and good, the Grail, was lost forever.

My second novel in the Trifthauser series is named after the Greek goddess of evil, Eris, or as I name it in Latin, Discordia, or discord.

Her Greek opposite is Harmonia, or Concordia in the Latin.  It’s not men or enemies that Trifthauser fights. It’s evil. A battle he can never win, but can only contain. Evil never dies, it just changes names.

It been recognized since the dawn of time that good and evil exist together in men. The battle between the gods was a battle of forces within a person. The desire to create discord (or Discordia) is always and will always be with us. These forces manifest in wars, economic battles and political upheavals. Like in the atom, the world is dying and being reborn every nano second.

It’s a story as old as man.







How Trump forced corporate America to raise wages.

I always thought the tax cut was a bit pointless.

How can you say corporate taxes are too high when US corporations spend $450 billion a year on taxes and $650 billion on senior management stock buy-back programs?

Certainly, for 90% of US SMALL business, corporate taxes were WAY too high but not the behemoths.

The cut put mega corporations in the spotlight… 

… because now, they have to justify $650 billion in stock buybacks and a huge tax cut. They also have to do this in the face of paying low wages, horrid working conditions and heartless layoff programs.

American business lobbied heavily for this cut.

Now the spot light is on your ass.

Step two is free trade. That’s really going to light up the Christmas Tree.

PS: If you think the media is trashing Trumps trash-talk because it’s bad, think again. The cartels are petrified.

Is Haiti a shit hole?

The brain did not evolve to shop.

It evolved to search for food, not shoes. The other side of the search was not finding ‘the perfect gift for uncle Art’, it was starvation.

The behavior of people today it outrageous. (Or, if you prefer, childish) Agree or disagree with a point, the behavior elicits outrage.

In the west, people have had an algorithm overlaid in their brains by retailers. The customer is always right and if the customer’s always right, people are right, regardless of their wrongness. If you say something they don’t agree with, they scream.

Although calling Haiti a shit hole was crass…

there’s little argument that Haiti IS a shit hole. So are parts of the USA and Mexico. Acapulco, once a jet set travel destination frequented with A list movie stars is today, a shit hole.

But we can’t say that. It’s offensive.

The same quality that Trump uses to govern is what got him elected. It’s what built Trump Tower and made the Apprentice one of the most popular TV shows in history, the last episode attracting more than 30 million viewers.

For a large portion of the world, in fact a significant portion of the poor, people not only don’t search for food, they don’t work for it either. The things people struggled for are today, entitlements.

Does this make their world more or less real?

People are not logical, they are biological.

Buried deep inside are all the instincts natural selection left us with. The same instincts hunter gathers used to psych themselves up to raid another village football players use to attack the other team.

There is no mind.

The body/mind are hard wired. We feel psychological pain in our chest, the heart having as many neurons as the brain. The mind doesn’t buy Dorito’s, the body subconsciously demands them. In taste tests, the beers that are considered the worse tasting are the best sellers. A young man I once met told me that many of the people who use the drive through window at McDonalds (Where he was employed) use it because they have trouble getting out of the cars.

This has created a phony world, it’s fakeness best seen in Hollywood.

The top ten grossing films in America were cartoonish superhero movies. As the population gains weight, they have an even harder time controlling their emotions, as their minds are constantly being flooded with starvation messages from the body. Add coffee, caffeine, and alcohol and we set the stage for what we have today.


This can and will only get worse. The new pot legalization movement is all about tax dollars. THC, the active ingredient in pot, is been so haphazardly cross bred that the THC levels have increase 1,500% all the while the actual medicinal qualities have declined. Smoking a highly toxic substance today is being branded a civil right.  One can only imagine what this legalization will do to ecosystems, where birds, deer and bugs are consuming plants whose toxicity has gone from 0.4% to 30%!

The world will become even less real!

The world is filled with shit holes, some here and some in the third world. The cartels have taken us back to the 17th century where a few hundred families lived (and were) Kings and Lords and the rest of the world lived in … well… shit holes.

But don’t say that. You’ll insult people who live in mansions but represent shit hole dwellers. (Who have no voice)

The same forces that are outraged by Trump got him elected. The old religious rules have been wiped out. Todays rules are made by advertising agencies. What the customer wants, the customer has.

Trump. Read em and weep.


Did the British Government conspire with Hillary to take down Trump?

This entire thing about the dossier is a head scratcher.

Apparently, it was commissioned by both political parties to dig up dirt on Trump. Fine. All’s fair in love and war.

But Steele is a “retired” MI6 agent…

not a bar stool salesman. He apparently “used his Russian contacts?” MI6 agents don’t have their own contacts. It’s not like the bar stool salesman where he gets to sell bar stools to his old customers if he gets fired.

The information in this so-called dossier would be, if true, information from Russian agents deeply embedded in the Russian government. These “contacts” would have taken years to cultivate by British intelligence and we’re supposed to believe an agent leaves the agency and picks up where he left off as a private dick?

So, according the British “intelligence,” retired agents get to sell sensitive MI6 information to rogue politicians and PACS as part of their retirement plan? Who could believe such asinine rubbish.

In fact, though, it may be true. In the US, Sidney Blumenthal, a man Obama absolutely forbid to allow Hillary to join her staff joined anyway as a private contractor. He was able to ascertain large amounts of highly classified information that he shouldn’t have been able to go near and pass it on to Hillary.

If you read the Wikileaks emails (I know, nobody does) they’re filled with references to Blumenthal, one of the nastiest creatures ever barfed out of American politics. His goal, of course is to make money by starting wars and cashing in on the rebuilding.

This all started during the Bush…

(Cheney) administration when Cheney, behind the back of the witless moron Jorge, privatized vast portions of the defense department. He turned his company, Haliburton, from being a sleepy, low tech oil service company to a branch of the Army. We literally could not go to war anywhere without Haliburton making money. Once this switch was in place, the Iraq war was inevitable.

The smart thing for Trump to do now is to build a firewall between Theresa May, MI6 and American intelligence.

This is what we had to do in 1950 when the British government, MI6 and Oxford University was crawling with Russian communists. It’s going to be a huge stink bomb, but it will help the British get their house in order and clean out MI6. Hopefully, it’ll do the same with the US and the CIA.

For Trump, I’ll be stunned if he lives four years, especially with the snowflakes in congress. It’s going to get hot, and it isn’t global warming.



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