Formula #1



This novel is the sequel toRat Trap. In “Formula #1, an international cartel of weapons merchants develops a drug (called Formula #1) previously used by the Nazi’s, a methamphetamine that induces bravery and energy. They smuggle the drug worldwide in the equipment containers for a Formula One race team based in France.

Formula #1 included most of the characters from Rat Trap including Henri Bordeaux, Cleatus and Samantha. The settings are in Manila (where the drug is manufactured), Manaco, Zurich and Montreal.

Though not called Formula #1 by the Nazi’s, the drug was used to advance Hitler’s army into France in just three days, a feat no one in the west thought possible. Hitlers entire army was drugged.

One of the bitter irony’s of WW2 was drugs. Hitler himself, along with much of his staff were methamphetamine addicts. Hitler became so addicted, and so paranoid and narcissistic to the point  he could barely function. He built huge bunkers to hide himself from the world and limited contact to just a few people.

Formula #1 is not about World War Two, it’s about modern-day wars in Africa and the Middle East. It’s a super fast paced action thriller that is a real page turner. This book will be released on March 15th.

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