My memories of the Queen go back to the 80’s.

I ran a remote engineering operation in Saudi Arabia and, along with my operators, Iqbal, Itbar and Helmuth, we spent our weeks in the desert, slept (at least I did) under the stars and worked ungodly hours.

In those days, 200 miles from Dhahran, the only radio station I got was BBC world…

which I could pick up on my German AM-FM-shortwave radio. At night, usually after a 16-hour work day, I’d collapse onto a piece of foam rubber in the bed of my pickup and fall asleep listening to a female BBC anchor whose accent still echoes in my memories. It was then that I began to understand the extraordinarily plain, soft spoken and understated powerhouse we know as Elizabeth.

Contrary to what British media and historians like to tell you, England did not “win” WW2.

In fact, they got their asses handed to them. They had humiliating losses in France and in Singapore, where 100,000 British troops surrendered to 25, 000 Japanese, it may have been their biggest military loss in their history.

But that wasn’t all.

They lost their banking hegemony, the pound became almost worthless, and they ended up losing India and, effectively, Australia. By 1947, England was so broken, Churchill, had to go to the US to beg for a loan because the Germans had destroyed much of their infrastructure and England’s population was facing mass starvation. By all accounts, England should have become a third world country.

But they aren’t. This was the power of Elizabeth.

Contrary to our constant media bullshit about Churchill, in my opinion, the role model for Homer Simpson and probably the biggest clown right up to the idiot Tony Blair, it was this 5-foot-4-inch former WW2 ambulance driver that turned the UK into the powerhouse it is today. She was their face on the world stage and her sacrifices to England, something Charles still doesn’t understand, are what righted the British ship.

As I like to say, British leaders are like their rock stars. The best ones are Queens.

Men and women will fight and die for a true leader. They flip the bird to anything less. The wedding of Harry and Megan was a reality TV show.

Nothing against Harry or Megan. Harry, a decorated combat veteran is the real deal, probably the most legitimate Royal in generations and a man people will most certainly follow. Megan seems very sweet and is certainly, in her own way, quite beautiful. But as soon as I opened the Telegraph web-page and saw George fucking Clooney, it was over for me. Then there was the rest of the usual “parade of the camera whores”, Oprah, JZ and whoever. As much as Elizabeth got to see her grandson married, I felt sorry for her.

This poor woman who gave every waking moment of her life to the crown, had to watch a bunch of fake media weirdos, out of the closet gays and Paper Mache nobodies strut around like peacocks. Harry’s “friendship” with Obama is a huge mistake on his part, but not one he can’t overcome. And the royal families condescending to Hollywood, something they were forced into with the death of Diana, was unfortunate. But people will forgive and forget.

The world today is so ensconced in bullshit it’s hard to see how it ends. The world’s democracies (In the EU) and republics (the US and France) are failing. Most of the west, like it was between 1910 and 1945 is being run by banks. Our democratic leaders couldn’t make a significant decision if their lives depended on it.

People may think Trump is an overreaction, but I guarantee, he isn’t. He’s been a staggeringly effective president, especially considering that he’s a bloviating buffoon. The next ten years will test both democracy and capitalism as we know it. More Trumps will emerge. It’s impossible to tell how it will play out, but one thing is sure. The world will search for leaders, not media figures.

Will Harry and William step up to the plate? My vote is a thumbs up. But a word to the wise for Harry. Stay the fuck away from Obama.














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