The gripping fear is palpable.

The world is lurching to the right.

Quietly, behind the scenes, there is real fear. This is a make or break year for liberal institutions and this year’s Oscars is media proof. They are petrified.

In the 2000 to 2003 time frame, the Oscars averaged 42 million viewers. With normal population growth that number should have grown to 50 million. Last year it was 32 million.

Last year’s best picture made $60 million worldwide. To put it in perspective, with a worldwide audience and a distribution monopoly, the best picture award went to a movie that drew less than a regular season Bills-Browns football game.

But the real, intense, existential fear is the #metoo movement.

Everyone, most notably honest feminists like Camille Paglia, knows that this could set the woman’s rights movement back fifty years. The common knowledge is that this will open up a male dominated world to women who have been held down. What it will do is make men hypersensitive to being around women for fear of being entrapped.

There’s an expression in Colombia that goes, “All the men are unfaithful but none of the women are.” This belief has become common in the west and is ruining society. “History” books today project us back to unfair days where we collectively assume that if holier than thou liberals had existed then, they’d have stood up to slavery, died for women’s rights and stood in line to defend Jews in the Holocaust.

Earth to the far left. The most integrated society in Europe in the 1930’s was the German-Jewish society. Many words that we say are German have Yiddish derivations, including my name. Almost all the physicists spirited into the US in the 30’s were either German or Austrian.

Austria-Germany was the center of the intellectual universe and extremely liberal.

As my daughter Megan says, “all revolutions are cultural.” The backlash against the left is worldwide and gaining steam. The reason Donald Trump so surprised the media by winning the Presidency is that the left had so maligned his supporters that they would not admit in polls that they supported him. His approval, now standing at 50% would be 70% if he was a liberal. Most Eurozone countries don’t have functional governments. Approval ratings for European leaders are, in many cases, below 30%.

The solution of the “elite” is to plow even more money into anti-populist movements to squelch popular opinion. The result has been a savage backlash, street protests and a plethora of new political parties.

“12 Years a Slave”, a movie that pillars whites and won the best picture Oscar, had 19 million viewers. “Moonlight”, a movie about a young black kid who becomes a drug dealer had 7 million views, another “best picture.” The average Disney movie has 200 million.

The world is not buying leftist guilt trip.

Also, as Paglia infers, this is undermining women and minorities in two ways. First, it implies that they can’t compete with men, or white people without preferences and set asides. Second, it enfranchises leaders who are little more than spoiled brats.

We live in a world where if you think something that’s absurdly stupid, you can make it true by screaming it at the top of your lungs. Grown men and women play dress up and talk to their pets like 6-year-old’s did 30 years ago. People refuse to grow up.

These are the very spoiled suburban mall rats that are going to be leaders of the next generation?

Not a rat’s as chance in hell sports fans. As a famous investment banker who accurately predicted Trump’s win said, “if you think this election was wild, wait for the next one.”



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