He did it again. Barack Obama again told us we should not question global warming.

Do people in government know the difference between science and fascism? The whole point of the scientific method is constant and never-ending peer review. That means you never stop questioning.

Not questioning global warming is the equivalent of declaring that the earth is flat!

It doesn’t advance science it freezes it and is the reason that 99.999999999999% of the people don’t understand science.

Nowhere is this gap more evident than in our understanding of evolution.

I was once at a lecture given by a paleontologist where he talked about being petrified of his discovery that things don’t evolve by small mutations over long periods of time. (Evolution can and does accelerate and decelerate.) He said the politics of evolution was so frozen in universities that he’d get blackballed if he stated it publicly.

Today’s “intelligentsia” believes that evolution means we get smarter as we evolve and that we can rehabilitate criminals. They believe that the US was populated by peace loving relatives of Pocahontas when the Europeans arrived, and that Africa would be rich if white people never showed up and exploited them.

Another “fact” that we can’t question is the lack of genetic basis in things like intelligence, crime and empathy. Nothing has been studied in more detail. In fact, we have a hierarchy of schools, universities and even countries that are striated by genetics.

This has led to the loony idea that we can train the instincts out of dogs and that our pets “love us.” You see people online petting alligators and hugging lions as if somehow, they would be vegan if they had the chance.

Nowhere is this lack of “questioning” more evident than in nutrition, an industry largely invented by hucksters. In modern health food stores, they seem to revel in telling you what’s NOT in food. In one place is the frozen white stuff that we can’t legally call iced cream. In another, the non-dairy organic butter.

One woman in front of me had a salad with beans, lettuce and a half-dozen things I’d never seen before, 9 chocolate bars and a cookie the size of a paint can lid. Her lunch was $28.

Doesn’t anybody question whether health food is healthy? Or whether it’s even food? I once saw a guy using a scrubbing brush to clean an apple.

Does smoking cause cancer? Does smoking kill?

Tell that to Helmut Schmidt, the former chancellor of Germany. He smoked almost constantly from when he was in his teens until he finally died at the age of 96. I’m certain smoking can kill and can cause cancer but not questioning the “science” behind it is not scientific.

This faith in science is absurd. People trust it because they don’t understand it, which is why Obama, the man who once said he visited all 56 states, is so sure the globe is warming.

No one is more certain than an idiot.

Any real scientist will tell you that science is never settled. If you do a google search, you’ll find countless studies, 75% of which are pure bullshit. As a physicist once said, when explaining why evolution is not settled science, “if you give us one miracle at the big bang, we can explain the rest to you.”

As to President Obama, his sentence should be, “as long as we can run fund raisers and collect money for global warming, it’s settled science as far as we’re concerned.”

For the rest of us, be forever skeptical. Science is never settled.

 Click on image to go to MIT Technology review web page.






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