Oh Vienna, I Love Your Cafés

Love this gal


I love Europe because it is so easy to have the prettiest things around you without you having to even realize it. Whether it the old world trams, beautiful monuments or historic cafés, Europe has a side to it that I probably think no other continent offers. One such side is that of Vienna with its traditional coffee houses. Now I know that every city in Europe has coffee to offer. Then why is Vienna so special??

Simply because the Viennese coffee houses are not just coffee shops but institutions of social events and culture. They are places to chat and read the newspaper. Places with marble tables and a cosmopolitan air. Places where the piano is played and gentlemen play cards in a corner. Places where one can sit and write all day.

“Where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill”.

-The Intangible Cultural…

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