Ispirazione: Learning Italian through Instagram


I have a very special guest on Italophilia! We have known each other for over a year now and been in touch thanks to Instagram and Facebook. Peeps, say hello to my friend Elfin Waters! A passionate Italophilie who hails from Gaeta in Lazio, Elfin now lives in Cremona and teaches English and Italian at Italki. 

Today, Elfin will be sharing her thoughts and knowledge about learning a new language through Instagram. She has made this post simple for all readers and language learners so that the focus is more on understanding and listening the language. I am inspired by this lady so much because she pushes me to do little by little every day just as she trains and helps her students. Elfin’s focus has been on learning a language by watching videos on Instagram (IG) and making sure that no matter how busy you are…

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