Black lives do matter. Do Democrats?

Black lives do matter. Do Democrats?

There is perhaps no greater story ever told than the African “exodus” into the USA. If you go to many countries, such as Spain, Iraq, Bosnia, you’ll find minorities, and in every case, they’re fighting for autonomy. Their own land and their own government.

What have African-Americans fought for? Acceptance. We do not have a black separatist movement anywhere. That is, anywhere but the Democratic party.

Facts: largest population of middle class Africans? USA. Average IQ of an African? 20-40 points below a European. Average IQ of an African-American? The same as a European born in America. Percentage of African Americans in U.S. middle class? 80% versus 90% for European immigrant descendants. Average in Africa? Less than 10%, compared to 90% for European counterparts.

In fact, one African-American historian once said, “the problem we have is we have no mythology.”  The African “exodus” into the U.S. is a miracle, worthy of a chapter in the Bible.

And this represents the problem the Democrats have and why they control so little of the country. They have, effectively, no platform.

In the last three months, we’ve witnessed perhaps the biggest failure in political history. When Trump was elected, 73% of his own voters in one poll said they would have preferred another candidate. Since then, the left has launched the biggest frontal assault on the presidency in history. Aided by an unlimited budget, the worldwide envy of Americans, 90% of the wanker sucker parasites we call media, Hollywood, all 1,400 American universities, and literally thousands of charities, non-profits, the Deep State and thousands of PACS and “fact check” organizations, they have managed to accomplish nothing.

Trumps approval rating is the same 50% it was when he was elected.

The people do not want to be ruled by an elite. They want to be represented by people who feel their pain, not people who refer to them as “deplorables” (Amazingly, there is no such word as “deplorables.” Hillary Clinton may go down in history as the person who created that word. Imagine that.) and “people who live in their parent’s basements.” (Bernie Sanders supporters.) The scary thing about our current “leaders” is not how many people support Trump, it’s how many of these “intelligent” elitists supported a woman who referred to her opposition as deplorables and basement dwelling losers. This elitist, banker and billionaire-financed ruling class couldn’t be less American if it originated with Russian oligarchs.

Who ever heard of a ruling elite in a constitutional republic? Leaving aside North Korea and Venezuela, name a country that would even imagine considering Chelsea Clinton as a viable congressman.

The biggest problem the left has today is not that Trump is going to be a bigot. If he actually tries to help clean up the crime in Cook County, Illinois, or Camden, New Jersey, what will the left do? Oppose it? If he tries to bring back manufacturing jobs to the Midwest, what are they going to do? Bring in the Keystone pipeline protesters and block it?

Do Black lives matter? If there were no blacks in America, who’d want to live there?

Do Democrats matter? Probably not.


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