Can you answer these 5 questions? (Conspiracy theory)

Note: I’m not being rhetorical… I simply have no clue

1) Why did Barack Obama use executive privilege…

to enact dicey last minute laws (the Cuban immigration ban, the change in College loan payback rules) that forced Trump to either execute them or revoke them?

2) Why are western countries so intent on sending war refugees…

from Muslin nations to non-Muslim nations? Why are they sending families from the cheapest cost of living nations to the most expensive ones? Are there no other places they could be housed more cheaply?

3) Why are Mulsim nations not accepting their own people as refugees?

4) Why is it that two political parties that can’t agree on health care…

taxes, gay marriage or anything else, are in complete agreement with the US going into yet another war?

5) Why is it that the government, that refused to allow the tea party to organize politically…

(that being the first time in history a group of people was denied the right to assemble solely based on race), never investigated politically affiliated non-governmental operations? (The Koch Brothers, Media Matters, The George Soros Foundation, The Clinton Global initiative, (Which actually doesn’t even have a legal status, Black Lives matter, etc, etc, etc, etc)




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