At 47%, Trumps approval rating should scare the shit out of democrats.


For most of his presidency, Barack Obama’s approval rating hovered at 50+ percent. But if you look behind the numbers, there are a few sticking points.

– The pools heavily poll democrats

– The pools are rigged by democrats

– Many of the polls are “informational.” That is, non-scientific.

Neither political party seems to understand what’s going on.

Like college professors who run “studies” on students so they don’t have to leave campus, politicians stay in Washington.

For the Democrats though, the problem is more acute.

As George Bush recently said on GMA, “back when you guys mattered,” the Democrats keep playing to a media that is no longer relevant.

If Trump is polling at 47%, you can bet your ass he’s as popular as Roosevelt.

(Who, by the way, polled very poorly in his first election.) The attacks in the press, not just in the US but on every corner of the globe are unrelenting, trivial, stupid, inside the beltway issues that pertain to a tiny percent of the population.

What did the Democrats gain from Schumer’s supreme court sequester? What are they gaining from Elizabeth Warrens constant “we want to see Trumps tax returns” rants? What are they getting from LGBT bathroom legislation, black lives matter, Pepsi commercials and Amy Schumer’s vagina jokes?

Nothing… nada… squat.

Coming into the next election cycle…

where they’ll be defending seats in 14 senate races, their party is being run by a socialist and white hating bigot.

Of course, they’re opposition is the war mongering Republicans. Even though they’ve gone for the anti-globalist, anti-war candidate in every election since Nixon, (yes, Bush was an antiwar candidate) they continue to run the same story. Cut social spending and spend the money on wars.

But, in my opinion, even the P90X congressman Paul Ryan can’t screw this up as bad as the Perez, Clinton, Schumer, Warren cabal. It’s going to be interesting.

For a great spy thriller, click below.


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