News flash: The Army needs 220,000 men.

This is hardly news in the Army and Marines. We have been sending the same men in for tour after tour. They’re burned out, ill equipped and overused.

Fact: Almost everything we did in Iraq, we were unprepared for.

We didn’t have enough flak jackets and our Humvee’s did not have the right armor for terrorist attacks. Our supply was not up to snuff. Our supply lines were not sufficient. Our troops lived on Red Bull.

None of this was the Army’s fault.

They were prepared for a totally different war than they were handed, but worse, we simply did not and do not have the proper army to occupy a hostile country. We simply do not have enough troops to simultaneously fight in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and the Ukraine.

Putin is a smart guy. He’s trying to draw the US into a war in Syria that requires occupation. If we do that, he’s going to use that to ignite political tensions in Egypt, a country that’s already on the edge of a razor.

Dirty little secret?

Violence in Egypt means oil tankers can’t go through the Suez Canal. Do that, and NATO is done.

Game set match.





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