Trump responds to fake gas attack with fake missile attack

Chances of Assad using chemical weapons against his own people… zero.

Chance that Trump would be forced to act as if Assad used chemical weapons… 100%.

This is the world we live in. Fake news, bogus intelligence and phony media reactions are used to divert attention.

According to “sources” the US launched 59 “laser guided” missiles onto the airbase at Homs killing 9 including 4 children.

Who ever heard of an airbase manned by 5 adults and 4 toddlers?

$100 million worth of missiles took out 6 MIG 23’s and nobody was at the base? In fact, drone footage shows the base to be desolate.

Are our reporters that stupid that they actually buy this story?

Fact: They’ll buy anything that gets viewers.  The story is that Trump was sending a strong signal to Putin. Move outside the US and that signal is the US will only attack tiny countries that can’t fight back.

This was a smart move on Trump’s part.

Even CNN said he was Presidential. On that, CNN was 100% on the money. This is what the US president has become. A clown.


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