Are humans becoming Cyborgs?

The next robot will be you

Is it all just an episode of the Truman Show?

A group of people huddled around a bunch of bushes in Central park, cell phone camera’s filming every detail, whispering, pointing. What was it… a murder? Visions of Law and Order flashed through my head… Where was Jerry Orbach?

It was a squirrel… A fucking squirrel.

Our distant relatives were the real environmentalists

Human’s evolved in a world where interaction with nature was all encompassing. Their enemies were wolves, grizzly bears and snakes. If their body couldn’t fend off a disease, they died. They spent their days in constant experimentation. They had to know what plants they could eat and how to cure and store game they had to either chase down or trick into a trap. In other words, nature was always on their minds.

In the days of the Druids, memory was a treasured skill. Why? Because paper was expensive and too few people were literate. Everything they knew was in memory. Their cultures were nothing but memory enhancements. Events like harvest festivals, Christmas and Easter, that evolved before the birth of Jesus, were structured around preparation of food, sharing and basic survival.

The new information brain craves data.

Intelligence today is an app. Since the brain evolved to be totally, obsessively ensconced in nature, with nature out of the picture, what’s left? Data. Nobody knows this better than advertisers and big government. Now that they’ve figured out HOW the buttons work, all that’s left is pushing them.

Seymour Hersh once said, “todays congress is 20 IQ points lower than in the 70’s.” How do so many dumb people get elected? They represent the people. What’s the point of being smart when all you have to do is ape back what people already believe. And where do these beliefs come from? Take three guesses… they’ll probably all be correct.

Starbucks is the new mother nature.

Go by any Starbucks and what do you see? People with huge caffeine, sugar and fat drinks staring at data acquisition devices. It’s a legal version of Elvis Presley’s “jolts”, where his doctors would load him up with amphetamines and he would wolf down hamburgers.

Nowhere was this more evident than the last election.

The parties spent over a billion dollars trying to convince us that two rich, immoral, pathological liars were presidential. The garbage these two windbags vomited out was staggering not only in it’s pointless dishonesty, but in the shameless way the corporate sugar and caffeine media rallied behind them. If it’s any consolation to Americans, it’s going on all over the world.

It’s hard to even imagine how this ends.

Beliefs are reinforced by finding new reasons to believe old beliefs. The neurons create protective shells to ward out “disagreement.” It literally becomes impossible to think outside the box. The brain goes from being an organ of intuition, experimentation and discovery to a prison of irrelevant beliefs, marketing campaigns, political slogans and bigotry. An organ that evolved with nature to be one with nature, every minute of every day now gropes for the nature it needs only to be given sugar, salt, fat and sex.

An organ that evolved to be wrong and change has become an organ that is never wrong, because the customer is never wrong and aren’t we all, in one way, shape or form, custoners? One can Google anything.

So, we are amazed when we see a squirrel, while at night our streets are filled with sewer rats.

Take away a child’s phone and they will contemplate suicide. Are we becoming Cyborgs… or are we already cyborgs?




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