Was Steve Jobs the greatest entrepreneur of all time?

How many jobs did Steve Jobs create?

Technically, Apple has 116,000 employees, but how many jobs has Jobs really created?

My youngest daughter is 24. She’s gone through her entire life and has never owned an electronic gadget NOT made by Apple. I-pod, I-pod mini, I-phone, MacBook, MacBook Pro, I-pad.

In her current job, she uses her I-phone to schedule nurses and her MacBook Pro to run analyses on best practices for labor utilization. My other daughter uses her MacBook Pro to run computer simulations on farmlands to maximize fertilizer applications, irrigation and electricity prices. There are hundreds of thousands of people like my daughters.

A charity I once ran gave an I-Pad to a developmentally disabled child…

that had a free app that created a reading program that allowed him to read three years before his doctors said he ever would.

In the year 2000, the stock market crashed. Like a few select other people, I knew it was going to happen, especially in tech. The reason was, the hardware and internet speeds were not up to what online retailers needed. But AFTER that crash, internet speeds went up and the benefit of all that funny money pissed away by internet wizards started to pay off. E-commerce exploded.

The same thing is happening now. Money is FLOODING into research…

but this time, it’s not just tech. It’s going into medicine, communications, advertising, self-driving cars, self-sailing boats, animation, music, publishing, green housing, lab grown meat…a list so long, one could spend an entire day talking about it.

The time lag is probably a decade…

but make no mistake, these innovations will hit the world with the impact of a runaway train. Steven Jobs is the Walt Disney of his time. In fact, were it not for Jobs, Disney wouldn’t be anywhere near the company it is today. Disney bought his company Pixar.

How many jobs did Jobs create.

If you use the word create, 116,000. If you use the word spark, it probably goes into the hundreds of millions.

Was he the greatest eentrepreneur of all time?



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