Canada’s Immigrants

Another great article by elena.


Canada is suddenly getting nervous. Trudeau threw open the door to any and all immigrants, but he didn’t consult The People, he didn’t create a cap, and he didn’t implement the finances needed to pay for the added burden on resources and manpower to deal with the influx. He simply acted on a whim of his own making. Much like a child who has no idea of the consequences of their actions.

The ultimate result may parallel that of Germany, unprecedented attacks, and increased crime and sexual assaults.   The choice will most likely cost Merkel her position as Chancellor, and could evolve into a spiraling of Trudeau fame in the coming months and years.

Reality is setting in and The Canadian People are becoming edgy, nervous, fearful, and concerned.  Rightfully so!   A train without brakes.


The numbers are daunting – but they do provide…

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