People still don’t understand Brady-ball


Brady, the best?

First, why do people watch sports? (90% of you won’t believe this) People watch sports to get an adrenaline rush. That isn’t an opinion, it’s a scientific fact. Losing CRUSHES adrenaline, which is why losing cities go on whiney rants every year.

Why does Brady win?

Football is a team sport and Brady is THE CONSUMMATE TEAM PLAYER. The Patriots win because they have a great defense, which begs the question, who are the Pat’s great defensive players? THEY DON’T HAVE ANY. Well, they have Devin McCourty, who is great. Of their top ten players (salary wise) 2 are defensive players. The Patriots lead in defense because they lead in first downs. Other teams can’t score because their offense is on the bench. Yesterday, in the Super Bowl, the Pat’s ran 73 plays and got 37 first downs.

Here are two of my favorite Belichick quotes.

“Defensive players aren’t as good as offensive players,” and (when asked about the crowd being the 12th man) “If the crowd mattered what happened to Houston and Dallas?” Belichicks most endearing quality is that he ISN’T FULL OF SHIT, which is a rare quality indeed, Godell’s playing of America the beautiful and his pathetic tribute to black colleges, which embarrassed the shit out of Jerry Rice, notwithstanding.

Side note:

Two of the weirdest mofo’s in history were both named Godell; Roger the NFL namesake and Kurt, a totally whacked out mathematician who died of anorexia because he refused to eat food not cooked by his wife, who was in the hospital.

One of the most ridiculous myths is that gladiators fought to the death. (Which makes us superior since our gladiators just whack the fuck out of each other.) Certainly, people died, but not many. Rome had gladiators because it was easier to have them as hero’s versus REAL generals who had a tendency to overthrow the government. But like the NFL the crowds wanted the same thing. A hormone rush that didn’t cause them any harm.

As a softball coach, I never had a losing season at any level. In fact, I went 10-5 with a team that had not won a single game in three years. My pitchers never had a losing season. One team had never won a playoff game in its history. We won a sectional championship. Secret? I never once gave a pep talk or a post-game dress down. In fact, I have no idea what they are. I just did what Belichick does. I taught players how to play. What possible use is screaming at a player with bad form, other than to convince them that the coach is a fucking loser?

The average fan thinks winning is a matter of motivation, because motivation is what THEY WANT. They want a testosterone rush. They think their participation (screaming, venting, eating, caring, praying and hating) is going to help their team.

There are no such thing as losers, just as there are no such thing as winners. The “secret” to winning is to practice the game you’re going to have to play to win three or four playoff games. In softball, it’s to be able to challenge great batters. My teams used the same strategy for 10 years. Pitch inside so they can foul off two pitches and go 0-2. Throw inside high to strike them out. None of my pitchers EVER gave up a hit to a great hitter when they executed that properly. But to DO that, you have to practice your ass off.

Every team I’ve ever advised, I gave them the same drill, a routine called “ball everydays.” I specifically told them, “you need to coach ball everydays, you can’t just tell the kids to do them.” How many coaches coached ball everydays? NOT A SINGLE SOLITARY ONE!!!! And when their players screwed up because they fundemenmtally sucked, what did these coaches do? Piss, moan, bitch, scream and berate the players.

In Belichick ball it’s the same.

If you can force 280 pound defensive players to run 60, 10 year sprints a game, by the fourth quarter they’ll be dog meat. When you get them to that point, you attack them with short white guys that work for the league minimum. Belichick is a fundamentals lunatic. He once told a 5 time probowler (Ty Law) that his form sucked.

This is true in almost every sport. Phil Mickelson started winning when he stopped trying to hit “winners.” Woods won with his putter. Michael Jordan’s Bulls were a defensive team, as was Isiah Thomas’s Pistons. Mercedes has the best team and usually takes the poll and wins most of the races. Forget testosterone… figure out how to win and just do it. Save the pep talks for beer commercials.

When will other teams emulate Belichick’s Patriots? NEVER. Never in 100 years. They’ll continue to overpay primidone’s and their fans will carp that the Pat’s are cheaters.

How can you tell a winner from a loser? Winners congratulate the other team when they lose. They don’t whine, they practice.

PS: My favorite quote is from a girl named Alissa D’Erico, a volleyball player who went on to win 4 National Championships at Penn State. She came to one of my daughters playoff games and I sat with her behind the backstop. A girl hit a pretty sharp hit between first and second. I asked Alissa, “do you think that was an error.” She said, “If I was playing second, it would have been because I could get that ball. She doesn’t have the speed.”

What I liked about the quote was Alissa recognized something few people see. We are who we are. Alissa didn’t have a molecule of arrogance in her body. She was one of the nicest athletes I’ve ever met.

If I was coaching, I would have cheated the second baseman towards first if I was calling an outside pitch to a right handed batter. But the coach was an idiot. He just assumed he needed a better second baseman.


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