Australia’s Refugee Torture Islands

Another great insight by helena.


The Australian refugee deal was initially agreed to by Obama and Turnbull well before Trump’s election according to Turnbull.  It was done covertly, without consent, and without the knowledge of the people. Why? Because it was deemed “classified”.

And although Turnbull claims it was done before the election, he voiced concerns that Trump would not honor it.  Which begs the question, did he assume Trump would be elected?

At any rate, Turnbull had already indicated that the ‘deal’ could be dismantled by Trump, which gives insight into a shady agreement that benefited who?  And shouldn’t the American people be privy to ‘deals’ that we ultimately pay for and are subjected to?

November 2016, the Washington Times reported that we would be potentially admitting to the US 2400 refugees/ terrorists from Somalia, Iran and Syria.

Of course the question begs, WHY? Why would we want Australia’s refugees? Because Australia doesn’t want…

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