Das Schöne am schönen England

Great article by a really gifted writer.

The World according to Dina

Schön as schön can be
English Beauty
No staring so romantic
Glotzt nicht so romantisch

Bert Brecht

Siri and Selma ask at the breakfast table: “What’s beauty, why do we call England beautiful?
Oh dear, what a question! Beauty – an intimidating big field nearly every egghead thought about. Especially since the 18th c. masterminds like Hegel and Kant were trying to understand beauty.
Our Master: “But let us set limits first. Let’s talk about the beauty of nature only.
Dina thinks that real beauty touches our heart, “as the green hills of England are seen with a romantic eye.
Of course!“, Selma heckles, “Beauty is massaging our souls.
And isn’t it strange?“, asks our dear Siri, “that beauty is so hard to grip. Who defines beauty? Nearly everyone thinks of something different as beautiful, because everyone…

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