A US, British Marriage? The end of NATO?

One of the more intriguing aspects of the United States is that, even though ethnic Germans comprise the largest number of Americans, Britain is the closest ally. I’ve always believed that the revolutionary war was a mistake. Had we not declared independence, the US would today be a commonwealth country combined with Canada and we would never have taken on the slave states.

But water has a tendency to reach its own level and cultural ties seem to outweigh genetic relationships. Today, 70 years after the massive displacement of WW2, the biggest refugee crisis in history, Europe is fighting again.

People seem to ignore the fact that after the end of the war, Europe began a racial refugee movement that took 15 years and cost millions of lives. Poland expelled Germans, Russia expelled (and killed) Germans, Ukrainian’s and Slavs. Each country became racially pure. Those that didn’t belong to a racial group, Jews, Gypsies, Roma, went to camps in Africa and the middle east or were killed. 611,000 Germans civilians and many more German soldiers were killed in the aftermath of the war. The exceptions, of course, were the United States and England.

An old friend of mine, Karol, a Pole, was sent to a camp in Palestine. His mother (his father was killed in the war) arranged for him to be sent to England, to be educated as an engineer. She died in the camp, of typhus, while working as a nurse.

Writing about this period is hard. I’ve been working on book 5 in the Schneider series, (the culmination) for a year. In book 5, Trifthauser, haunted by the ghost of his grandfather, is transported back to 1939 and lives Schneider’s life in his dreams.

The hardest thing about this period is trying to explain the role fate played in their lives. For Karol, he got lucky. His mother knew somebody who knew somebody that took him in. Otherwise, he probably would have died the same way his mother did.

The world is cracking. As always, it will reform along cultural lines. It ALWAYS happens this way. Race is often confused with culture. In fact, the word race, implies a competition and it is. The speed of which Theresa May agreed to see Donald Trump was instructive. Given the choice between ethnic Europe and ethnic America, there was no choice. Culturally, the differences between England, Canada, Australia and the US are superficial. Allies in war are not allies AFTER the war. Russia was an enemy before the last shot was fired.

The thing that binds the US and England will not be trade, it’ll be the military. England has, arguably, the second-best military in the world. Between destroyers, frigates, assault ships and attack aircraft, they are as advanced as any navy in the world. Their soldiers are brave, loyal and stout, just like the US. They have over 50,000 sailors and with reserves well over 125,000 ground troops. Their financial commitment to defense is in line with the US.

Culturally, the US and England are closer than they’ve ever been. James Bond plays in the US as if he’s American. British rock stars live part of the year in the US. The UK is one of the few countries that has a visa waiver program with the US. The TV series “Downton Abbey”, drew more fans in the US than in England and in fact, it’s last seasons were for US demand. Last night I watched British politicians foaming at the mouth at Trumps “Muslim ban” knowing full well that the average Brit agrees with it.

Of the top 10 universities in the world, 8 are in the US and 2 in England. The UK has cockney, the US has Cajun. We’re like two peas in a pod. When the shit hit’s the fan, I’m pretty sure the first call Trump makes will be to Theresa May. If she misses the call, it’ll because she’s calling him.


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