The Druids never died.

1309242253179759-druidismThey echo through eternity in the Grail mysteries. I’ve always been fascinated by Tennyson and his book, “The Idylls of the King” sat at my bedside for many years. Here are ten links between the Druids and The Grail Mysteries.

1 – Merlin was a Druid.

2 – They believed they could shape shift themselves. In one  version, Merlin changed the shape of Uther Pendragon to deceive Igraine and conceive Arthur.

3 – They believed that water was sacred. Hence the lake as a Goddess became the lady of the Lake.

4 – Druids were advisors to kings. Merlin was an advisor to Arthur and Uther Pendragon.

5 – They could call in mists to cloak themselves. This led rise to the mists that hid the island of Avalon.

6 – Druids controlled the weather. This led to the belief that the incursion of Christianity caused a loss of the connection with (mother) nature and the first droughts.

7 – The Druids could travel through time. In some grail mysteries Merlin would appear and disappear from the lives of the kings.

8 – Legend has it that Joseph of Arimathea brought the Grail to England and built a church in what was Avalon, sacred ground for the Druids. This connected them to Jesus. When sin entered Camelot, the Holy Grail (the blessing) was lost.

9 – Arthur was, in some Grail mysteries, half Roman and half Druid. His mother was a Druid, his father Roman. This symbolized the marriage of Christianity and Druidism. Guinevere was thought to be a Druid also.

10 – One legend claimed that the Druids tricked Arthur into having a child with his half-sister as a way of killing Arthur to rid the land of the Christians.
What makes the Grail Mysteries so mysterious is the lack of consensus as to what the legend actually was. Lord Tennyson attempted to codify the mysteries in the 19th century and give England a standard mythology. In the original version Guinevere was burned at the stake. Tennyson sent her to a convent.


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