How the Banks Created Global Climate Change. (And blamed you)




“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six different things before breakfast.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

When people ask me if I believe in Global Climate Change, I cringe. Here we go again! The allure of group think is alarmingly strong. The power of metaphor equally as strong.

Did you realize that there is absolutely no  proof that the Jews were ever slaves in Egypt and no proof that they built the pyramids? In fact, few historians believe it. Their entire culture is based on being released from Egyptian bondage! Is their culture a fake?

That’s how I feel about Global Warming. Is the globe warming? Well, when you increase coal usage by 100% in 15 years SOMETHING bad probably happened. But ask yourself this question. If we increased coal use, oil use, natural gas use, the use of minable minerals, rare earths and turned millions of acres of farmland into ethanol production, why do we fixate on CO2 emissions?

It’s simple. CO2 is the only “pollutant” we produce in quantity. The US is 50 years ahead of the world in environmental protection. They didn’t choose CO2 because it was the worse pollutant, they chose it so they could suck money out of our pockets and give it to governmental lobbies.

The same is true of slavery as an issue. Of the 14 million slaves that were brought to the new world, less than 500,000 came to the North America.  Why doesn’t anybody ask for slave reparations in Brazil? They had 20 times more slaves than we did? Leaving that aside, the slaves were owned by British, Spanish and Portuguese royalty who were mining and running sugar plantations. Why is it the fault of the US? That’s where the money is.

This is why I have written so extensively about the Pope’s visit. Everybody has an ulterior motive.

Let me try to explain how the banks caused global warming by using China as an example. In the global market, you don’t buy things, you trade for them. Each country uses its own currency, in our case the dollar.  When Chinese companies sell stuff to us we pay in dollars. But Chinese companies CAN’T USE DOLLARS any more than if you had a fist full of yen you could buy a Bills Ticket. The Chinese have to use yuan, their currency to do business in China.

The Chinese central bank fixes this problem by exchanging dollars with Chinese companies for Yuan. This gives Chinese banks piles of US dollars and what do they do with these US dollars? They lend them to other Chinese companies so they can buy raw materials from places like Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Global warming wasn’t caused by America, it was caused by massive growth in heavy polluting industries in Asia. It was caused by free trade and free trade was created by banks.

The whole idea that you can offset a 4 billion ton annual increase in Chinese coal burning by recycling water bottles is so insanely stupid, that literally only a college professor would believe it. In fact, almost all the “solutions” that politicians have come up with have two things in common. First, they do literally nothing to stop CO2 emissions and second, they send mountains of money to companies funneling money into political campaigns.

Like the Jew’s belief in the Exodus, or African Americans belief that “America” is responsible or slavery, the belief in Global Warming is a complete fantasy. But in fact, this is how governments function and why I write espionage novels. Bush used 911 to attack Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with it. Obama used the school shootings to attack the NRA, an organization that had nothing to do with that. The common denominator is always the same. How can they manufacture a crisis and blame it on their political opponents for financial gain?

To get a real feel for how trade works, please check out this youtube I did several years ago on free trade in commodities. In the meantime, remember this. It’s NEVER about you. Nothing politicians ever do is about you. It’s always about money.

“Buried deep in the human brain is the instinct to fight. We build walls and hide behind them, emerging from time to time to assault our neighbors, thinking that they are a danger when in fact, it’s nothing but the echo of our evolutionary past played out in real time. We are apes, dressed in wool. The devil plays us for fools”  Joseph Schneider






© The Landon Fillmore. All rights reserved.




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