Does the media run your brain?



It’s called the argumentative theory of reasoning. It works like this.

Imagine you’re sitting in your car in front of your apartment with your date. You want to ask her up for sex, but you can’t say that, so you say, “Would you like to stop up for a drink?”

Chances are, if she also wants sex, she’ll say yes. If she wants to stay with you but isn’t ready for sex, she’ll lay ground rules. You’ll agree hoping she changes her mind upstairs. If she wants no part of you, she’ll say “maybe some other time.”

Women rarely if ever say no. They dance around direct questions.

This is the argumentative theory of reason. It states that reasoning is flawed. It’s based on motivation and often riddled with lies.

Humans communicate physically. We communicate with our body, our voice tones, our facial expressions and the emission of pheromones. One of the miracles of natural selection is that face to face, we can figure out liars. The problem is this.

When one takes sides, reasoning collapses. If you and your date want to have sex, or you do and she does sometime in the future, you have a common goal. You want an orgasm and she wants togetherness. You want different things from the same experience but you both want the same experience.

Politics is different. The political parties want money and to get money they must win, but here’s the rub. The VOTER has little to gain from the win. Actors get popularity, politicians get money, but what do you get? Politicians almost never do what they promise. In fact, not only do politicians lie, but their supporters knowingly repeat those lies. So, why do voters care who wins?

This takes us to step 2. Getting sucked into fights. People have a natural, biological propensity to fight. The idea that fighting is non-natural is biologically incoherent. Fighting is almost as alluring as screwing. And no one in modern political history knows this better than Donald J. Trump.

Trump has spent his life sponsoring fights. The Apprentice, beauty pageants, the Tour de’Trump, the Art of the Deal and WWF. He knows exactly how to suck people into these things. How different is it to announce General Mad Dog Mattis from Randy Macho Man Savage?

On the other side, Hillary uses race. Ask yourself this question. “What is race?” People from different countries? Different cultures? No. Race is when two people start at the same point and run their asses off to beat each other to a line. If you think this sounds silly, you don’t know linguistics. A race is just what the word implies. When one side of the argument calls itself “African-American”, a biologically absurd term, we are literally off to the races. The left have diced us into dozens of silly little groups.

In politics, you have a multilevel dynamic. On one side, you have the networks, that are fighting for eyeballs. People who say the media are one sided don’t understand the game. It’s commercial television. They’re selling ad space. For the next two years, at least until the congressional elections, CNN, the station in Hillary’s corner, will be interviewing minority leaders, whiners, losers and irrelevant old men. Fox, the station in Trumps corner will be interviewing the decision makers, the leaders and the power brokers.

This is the frontline battle. It never had anything to do with us, unless you believe the most important things in your life are pussy grabbing, trans toilets, 59,000 emails that talk about what was printed in the New York Times and Trumps apartments in Manhattan.

In other words, neither side wants sex and so neither side is going to get along, but in the process, argumentation that is supposed to take us to reason and agreement, becomes stupidity, arrogance, hate and animosity.

Argumentation (debate) should lead to things that it won’t ever lead to, like competent government, charity, social harmony and prosperity. As the price gets higher and the networks continue to lose eyeballs, they’ll step it up even higher. The arguments will become more brainless, more heated and less civil not because these arguments help, but because they draw eyeballs to pizza ads.

The media calls themselves “the press” and takes ownership of a freedom meant for everyone and uses it for personal financial gain. In this environment, the question isn’t “how did Trump win”, it’s “how could anybody but a guy like Trump win?”

To fix this we’d have to take commercial media out of politics, (won’t happen), get outside money out of politics, (won’t happen) and understand the argumentative theory of reason. (We have a better chance of seeing Queen Elizabeth make a guest appearance on an episode of the Bachelor.)

What’s the solution? Biologically, it’s called extinction.








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