Beware of the Beltway Media Complex.



Here’s a question I’m totally sure you haven’t asked yourself. Just how dangerous are “second amendment types?”

This is the group Trump has supposedly “instigated to violence.” Last year there were 13,000 gun related deaths, not including suicides and less than 300 involved ANY long gun. In fact, if you go to places where “second amendment types” live, rural America, crime is almost non-existent. And it’s not just murders. There are very few rapes, robberies or assaults. The simple fact is, the last people on the planet that are prone to being instigated to violence are “second amendment types.”

What’s most amazing is how fast the beltway media complex can create an attack ad. Did the Russians really release the Clinton emails? Not according to Julian Assange. Did the Secret Service lecture Trump about his rhetoric? Not according to the Secret Service.

Here are the facts. The media makes the claim that 73% of Americans get their news from TV. That’s an odd statistic since there are 324 million people in America and the TOTAL viewership of all news shows including cable is 30 million. The FACT is, 90% of America doesn’t get news at all. And, though few Americans know this, the political parties are keenly aware of it. The number of Americans that can actually sit through 30 minutes of Fareed Zakaria, Sean Hannity or Chris Matthews is actually VERY small. The number of people that can sit through 12 minutes of pizza commercials to get 18 minutes of network news is bigger, but their average age is 71.

Who exactly is threatened by Trump? It’s simple. The Beltway Media Complex. The same people who were threatened by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. That massive complex of Washington based leach craft that’s one massive insider deal based on who knows who, who sucks who’s dick and who gets the key interview. If you think it has anything to do with YOU, you should be banned from Starbucks for life. Caffeine is NOT your friend.

One person who DID understand this was Joseph Schneider. (Spoiler alert, he’s a character I made up) The fear they have of Trump is not that he’ll do anything, but that all these lips on ass connections that have taken decades to cultivate will be broken. Think about it. What is Andrea Mitchell going to do for a living in a Trump presidency? Imagine an attorney general that Chris Matthews doesn’t have on speed dial. Imagine a President who asks the question, “why are we defending millions of Muslims while going to war against Russian Christians?”

The people do NOT get their news from the media. They get their news from rumor, innuendo and beltway media fabrications.  They don’t vote based on an intelligent assessment of the candidates, but on such things as bigotry, xenophobia, fear, height, the length of the candidate’s name, his hair cut and dozens of other subconscious factors. Don’t believe me? Instead of watching the “news” just watch the advertising industry. In the pay to produce industry they don’t have time for such niceties as philosophy, opinion and political defense.

To me, the most amazing thing about this media belching of “Trump the instigator” wasn’t the fact that they did it, but the speed, efficiency and coordination of it. Like Conan O‘Brien’s showing us how they got 300 TV stations to say the words “don’t worry be happy” at exactly the same time, they got the entire cycle, news, newspapers, social media, politicians and corporate executives to hit the same low note at exactly the same time.

Let me let you in on a closely guarded secret. Obamacare had NOTHING whatsoever to do with health care. It was a policy written by the health care industry to force people into the system. The bill did NOTHING to increase the amount of actual care, just the number of premium payers. The Iraq war had NOTHING to do with WMD. And the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Congress is so shameless they haven’t even attempted to explain how it helps us. The bill was written to give drug companies the right to sue for copy write infringement in Asia. The lesson is simple. Go off the farm and your persona non grata, or dead as in the case of the DNC staffer that was killed in the robbery where nothing was stolen.

One might have thought investigative journalism would have exposed these things. In fact, journalists actually attacked people who tried to investigate. What you saw in this most recent attack on Trump was the first salvo in the war against the media. This is the first salvo in what, in my opinion, the next American revolution. As my daughter says, “all revolutions are cultural.” This one is going to crack America at its foundation. From here we will rebuild it in the Image of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul. Stay tuned to… no television channels near you.










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