Jason Bourne – Good movie, Implausible plot


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(If you go to the bottom, I’ll list upcoming productions for the films top stars via Imbd Pro)

I think the key way to judge any movie is to ask, “Would I see that again.” To the new Jason Bourne movie, I’d say, probably, if I had a friend that wanted to see it.

As an action adventure movie, it works. The acting is quite good. In fact, I think Damon really hit his stride in this movie. Alicia Vikander is a great choice for the CIA operative and Julia Stiles portrayal of Nicki Parsons was really well done. Vincent Cassel, who played the Duc d’Anjou brilliantly in “Elizabeth” was a perfect bad guy. And Tommy Lee Jones… well, he’s Tommy Lee Jones.

But the story line has more holes than a sieve. First, the movie starts with Bourne going to the Greek Armenian border to get into a fight for money. Huh? Why would he do this? He was a covert CIA operative who has 6 identities and speaks several languages and he has to box for cash?

Cassel, who plays ‘the asset’ hates Bourne for exposing Treadstone and causing him to be tortured. The problem is, it wasn’t Bourne who exposed Treadstone, it was Pamela Landy. Alicia Vikander was brilliant, but one can’t help asking themselves, what’s her motivation for helping Bourne? Why would she side with Bourne against the agency after her own system was hacked by Landy? The movie gives you reasons, but they’re weak.

The killing of Nicki Parsons was way too predictable and many of the lines (You don’t know who you’re dealing with) are worn out. Damon walking away from the scene where there are hundreds of cops and secret services operatives is absurd.

I think the thing that bothers me the most about this movie is the fact that it might be the last. If these movies were so bad, why do they dominate the box office? Jason Bourne had a similar box office opening in The Bourne Ultimatum, even though this rendition was crucified by critics. The Bond series is 53 years old and they’re still making them and IMO, Jason Bourne is a better character. Obviously MI6 are the Keystone Cops compared to the CIA, NSA and DHS. What confuses this movie is that in this era of terrorism, portraying the CIA as the perpetual bad guy can only get you so far.

As someone who’s introduction to Jason Bourne was by reading 99 cent Robert Ludlum novels in airports and in the bunks of offshore oil platforms, I hate to see this character exit stage left. It doesn’t have to die. Just use the same characters, the same director, the same producer and write a better story.

That said, in today’s modern theaters, the film still works well. It experiments with action scenes and was criticized, in my opinion, wrongly. They are a tad improbable, but IT’S A MOVIE. If you want to see real life action, watch CNN. My local theater, AMC Assembly Square is awesome. Wide plush seats, a great sound system, a bar, VIP boxes and it was $11.99 to get in! As improbable as I thought the story was, the movie still sucked me in.  And for a Sunday at noon, it was crowded and nobody was complaining.

The following is a list of the top characters and their upcoming projects via IMBD.

Matt Damon (Mostly working as an exec producer in TV series)

Alicia Vikander

  • The Light Between Oceans (Release date 2 September) Drama… looks good
  • Submergence (To be released in 2017.) A must see
  • Euphoria (Pre-production, 2017)

Julia Stiles

  • The First, The life story of Mary Pickford.
  • The Drowning, Listed as a “Buzz title” at Cannes
  • Trouble

Vincent Cassel

  • Entebbe
  • A Movie Life
  • The Black Swan and Elizabeth are must see’s.

Tommy Lee Jones

  • Shock and Awe (Pre-production)
  • Mechanic: Resurrection (Pre-production)

















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