Why Buffalo needs Marshall Law






General George Marshall that is. The man who brought peace to post war europe.

Let me start out by saying, Buffalo is awesome. I grew up there and left when I was 18. Last year, I had the opportunity to spend the summer there. I could literally write a 300-page tour guide. First, the city is strikingly beautiful. Talk to anyone who didn’t grow up there and they’ll tell you, the first thing that his you upon arriving is the parks. The entire waterfront is one colossal park. Delaware park is spectacular. Buffalo is beautiful, accessible and inexpensive.

It’s cliché’ to say a city’s people are great, but it’s 100% true in Buffalo. You’re never alone there. It’s the most welcoming place I’ve ever seen. Walk into any pub in the afternoon and within minutes you are best friends with total strangers.

But, it’s time to be honest. Buffalo’s crime rate is NOT getting better. It’s murder rate is one of the worse in the country. Buffalo’s crime rate is worse than Medellin, Colombia.

What possible use is there in pumping billions of dollars in the city if they can’t control crime?

A persons chance of being involved in a violent crime in Buffalo is 12 in 1,000. That means if you live your entire life in Buffalo, your chances are near 100%. Buffalo’s murder rate is insane, it’s 24 per 100,000, a number actually HELD BACK by advances across the country in ambulatory care. That’s 4X higher than almost every major city in America.

I have been to Medellin Colombia, a city under Marshall Law several times. Contrary to what people think, Marshall Law does not take away rights. In Medellin, it means a guy with an M-16 on every corner. But here’s the rub. I was a Marine. I know what an UNLOADED RIFLE looks like. I didn’t see a single soldier, not in a mall, on the subway, or in a ghetto with a loaded rifle. The only loaded guns I saw were in the airport and on the road between the airport and the city.

What’s the value of an unloaded M-16? Simple. When some whack job, pedophile killer is looking at your 14-year-old daughter, she has somebody to run to. The train stations in Medellin are loaded with young girls. They use them to get to school. Imagine a child in Buffalo taking a train from the suburbs to the city at 10 PM. It’s almost a fantasy. It takes far less energy, manpower and money to DETER a crime than to arrest and convict a criminal.

America’s police forces are not designed to stop crime; they’re designed to arrest criminals. What good is that?

Make no mistake about it, Buffalo is absolutely not backsliding. The city is on an upswing and, in my opinion, that upswing will outlive me by decades. The place simply has too many assets to go back to the way it was. But it’s time to get serious and take the next step. STOP VIOLENT CRIME.

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