Enter the mysterious world of Paul Trifthauser










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Take a weekend ride with Paul Trifthauser and Alejandra as they unravel the code, battle the cartels and fight to stay alive.

Almost 1,000 pages that will fly by

A story you’ll never forget….

Characters like…

  • Paul Trifthauser, the six foot four, two hundred forty pound former Marine and graphic artist and an Austrian graphic artist who unwittingly inherits his grandfather’s dormant espionage network. 
  • Priya and Vaidehi, Indian children Alejandra saves from sex slavery.  
  • 41vQHttYkmL._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_
  • The unscrupulous eugenics lunatic Hoerst Druckenmiller.
  • Terentia, the troubled Greek singer/rock star controlled by the church and haunted by the song’s she’s told to sing.
  • Colette, the French princess under the thumb of her cartel husband.
  • Henri (ahree’) Bordeaux, the former Belgian SS agent who’s also the main character in the novel “Rat Trap”
  • Joseph, the 5 year old born into the House of Hanover.
  • Miko, the hot, sexy Russian agent that will do anything to succeed.
  • Ibrahim, the Saudi terrorist and friend of Trifthauser.
  • And finally, Alejandra, the hauntingly gorgeous French/Indian escort who’s sensuality is so powerful, she can own men with a glance and who has a black book with the names of Europe’s most powerful men.

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