Rat Trap: Murder and suspense in the Louisiana bayou

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By Paul Schwartzmeyer

Henri Bordeaux, the son of a powerful Belgian political family, was the black sheep of his family. Repulsed by the cowardice and snobbishness of European high society, he abandons it to be an agent, first in the Belgian secret police and then, in the employ of the powerful cartel family of Paul Trifthauser. (See the four volume series, ‘Joseph Schneider, Traitor-Patriot.)

Called back by his father to recover the love child of a powerful French banker, kidnapped and held in a private prison in the bayou of South Louisiana, Bordeaux falls for the beautiful, yet naïve Cajun woman, Emma Jean Dronet. Dronet, herself under the thumb of her father, a psychopath, leads Bordeaux through the lawless Louisiana swamps where together they conquer the demons of their past.

Authors note: This book is currently under contract to be written as a screenplay.

Copyright, 2014

The Landon Fillmore Company

All rights reserved. In accordance with The US Copyright Act of 1976, the scanning and/or electronic sharing of any part of this book without the permission of the author constitute unlawful piracy and theft. If you would like to use material, (Other than for review purposes) prior written permission must be obtained.

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