The Royal act.

My memories of the Queen go back to the 80’s. I ran a remote engineering operation in Saudi Arabia and, along with my operators, Iqbal, Itbar and Helmuth, we spent our weeks in the desert, slept (at least I did) under the stars and worked ungodly hours. In those days, 200 miles from Dhahran, the... Continue Reading →


The gripping fear is palpable.

The world is lurching to the right. Quietly, behind the scenes, there is real fear. This is a make or break year for liberal institutions and this year’s Oscars is media proof. They are petrified. In the 2000 to 2003 time frame, the Oscars averaged 42 million viewers. With normal population growth that number should... Continue Reading →

Is intelligence an elective in colleges?

He did it again. Barack Obama again told us we should not question global warming. Do people in government know the difference between science and fascism? The whole point of the scientific method is constant and never-ending peer review. That means you never stop questioning. Not questioning global warming is the equivalent of declaring that... Continue Reading →

7 types of effective propaganda.

  Lies, damn lies and half truths... why do we believe them? As someone who has lives and traveled in Islamic, socialist and 'free' countries, I have read and experienced different sources of propaganda. Islamic countries ban the trafficking of pictures and articles. Saudi Arabia literally hires thousands of people to sort through media. But... Continue Reading →

Thank you Canada!

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Canada and Justin Trudeau for working so hard at making Donald Trump look Presidential. I can't wait till he goes to Zimbabwe, wears a G-string and carries a spear. I once met Pierre in Thailand when he was PM. If you think Justin is a wingnut... well,... Continue Reading →

What if we have it all backwards?

The first 50 “studies” you’ll find on Google about the effect of emotions on obesity say the same thing. That people eat to dull emotions. What if we have it backwards? What if we are emotional because we’re obese? Could it be that the media is covering something up? Could it be that this narrative... Continue Reading →

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