What if we have it all backwards?

The first 50 “studies” you’ll find on Google about the effect of emotions on obesity say the same thing. That people eat to dull emotions. What if we have it backwards?

What if we are emotional because we’re obese?

Could it be that the media is covering something up? Could it be that this narrative helps them sell food, drugs and beer? Could it be that the whole thing is just a big pile of retail bullshit?

Could it be that we are mentally manipulated from birth?

Could it be possible that spoon feeding knowledge through a teacher’s union is not an efficient way to learn? Could it be that people learn naturally? Is it possible that schools are designed not to teach but to keep people from learning?

What if we have it all backwards?

Is it possible that Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus? Could it be that what we call Roman Catholic is just Roman? Is it possible that we really believe in Roman Gods in drag and that Judaism wasn’t ever really a religion at all, but a middle eastern cult? Is it possible that we were fed a pile of absurd bullshit for 2,000 years to keep us on the farm?

Could it be that Democracy doesn’t work at all? Is it possible that what we call government isn’t governing, but sucking the dicks of corporations and billionaires who treat us like lab rats?

Is there are reason why Lewis Carrol and James Joyce wrote gibberish? Could it be that the reason we speak isn’t to communicate but to deceive? Is it possible that it’s all just one big joke?


Go ask Alice, She’s 10 feet tall.

Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
The Cheshire Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
Alice: “I don’t much care where.”
The Cheshire Cat: “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

News: The Federal reserve today said they were not going to raise interest rates as much as the market anticipated. Interest rates went up on the news.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

“Am I mad,” Alice asked.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

News: Robert Mueller determined this week that Russian oligarchs rigged the election against Hillary Clinton, 4 years after the operation was reported in several European newspapers in Poland, England and RUSSIA.

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”  The Queen of Hearts

News: In 2001, there were anthrax attacks against several media and political figures. 7 years later and after blaming Saddam Hussein, the Russians and spending three years trying to pin the crime on an innocent doctor working with poor people in Africa, the FBI finally concluded that the source was the very same lab that was asked to test the anthrax to determine the source in the first place.

 “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”– The Cheshire Cat

Is the NFL ratings collapse a harbinger of the future?

Or a continuation of the past?

Something happened in the 1980’s. Network news started to collapse.

For the people who blame cable news, consider this. In 1980, the entire news audience was 53 million people. By 2016, it had fallen to a little over 22 million including cable. Where did 31 million viewers go?

To be sure, cable was a huge factor, but if that’s the case, why did NFL ratings continue to climb? NFL ratings were down this year, certainly due to the kneeling fiasco, but they were still up significantly over the last ten years.

During that time, other sports went down badly.

The NBA lost 5 million viewers. Major league baseball lost 15 million, 2/3 of their audience. In fact, the MLB all-star game crowd is so small, one wonders why they even play it.

One area that’s gotten trashed is late night comedy.

The entire audience for Fallon, Kimmel and Cobert is together, slightly more than David Letterman got by himself in the early 90’s. Since the 90’s, the late-night audience has fallen by 10 million. In fact, Keenan Ivory Wynans and Sinbad draw audiences on par with Kimmel and Cobert.

Another audience that has taken a beating is the news show “60 Minutes. A show that revels in advertising that it’s the most watched news show in America, the 60 Minutes audience has fallen from 19.6 million viewers in 1980 to 12.7 today.

But no audience has taken the beating Saturday Night Live has taken.

SNL has fallen from an 80’s ratings high of 42% to under 10%. In fact, few shows in television history have managed to fall as far and stay on the air.

Another area that has taken a bloodbath has been Hollywood films. Viewership is down 200 million tickets since 2001. Over 60% of the Hollywood gate are action adventure movies with superhero’s. In other words, cartoons.

Keep in mind, the USA has 100 million more people than it had in 1980. 100 million is more people than live in France, Germany or England.

To put these numbers into perspective, look that the percentages.

In 1980, 24% of the population watched network news. Today, number is 6.6%.

The effect of this can best be shown in the Presidential race of 2016, which, from a media perspective, was probably the most embarrassing in history. The media predicted a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton. Obviously, she lost, but that’s not the point. The point is, how could the networks be so wrong?

Could it be that, rather than the national news they claim to be they are largely bit players?

The evidence certainly bears that out. When Hillary Clinton called her opponents “deplorables” and “basement dwelling losers” could it be she was speaking to the 93.4% of viewers that don’t watch television news.

One thing that I find amazing, especially for an industry that relies on ad revenues, is how openly insulting they are to major parts of their core audience. Much of what’s called comedy today is just political rants against their opposition. (Which is always conservatives.)

Another consideration is what defines a “core audience.” In America today, there is a wide disparity between IQ’s. The country, due to differences in educational systems and the explosion of immigrants, has experienced a stratification of it’s population by intelligence. For whatever reason, the numbers are staggering. Blacks and Hispanics trail Whites and Asians by staggering amounts and are not closing the gap. In fact, the gap may be widening.

This can be seen in television commercials, which tend to be dominated by fast food restaurants frequented by people from the lower rungs of the socioeconomic ladder.

Regardless of the reasons, the audience for main stream information by networks is gotten so small, as to become largely irrelevant.

The new 4G transmission systems would increase download speeds by 10X, making a cable television feeds a thing of the past. This segmentation could be the final nail in the coffin of television.







Is Reincarnation Real?

I’m not a student of theology or eastern mysticism. I don’t meditate, and am philosophically, a Catholic. But I do believe in reincarnation.

Why? I see it all around me.

One of my favorite lines is from the movie, Gladiator where Russel Crowe, motivating his troops says, “The things we do in life echo through eternity.”

We are not as smart as we fantasize. In fact, real intelligence is very rare. In the USA, 44% of whites, 17% of blacks and Hispanics, and 4% of native Americans take the SAT. Of that group, whites on average score a 1,118, blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans, 940. 1,050 is considered reading and writing at a 12th grade level. Our educations systems are,, at best average. Our minority education systems are a total disaster.

How this manifests in University enrollments tells the story. The vast majority, about 90%, of universities are “average” from an SAT standpoint. The top 10, including the Ivy league have average SAT scores 300-400 points higher than average.

It’s true that any college can teach, but if you think kids with 1,500’s on the SAT are getting the same educations as those with 1,000’s, you’re delusional.

The problem is, the top 10 colleges are tiny. In a nation of 21 million university students, there are about 50 thousand undergraduates in the top 10 colleges. The number of high SAT kids in US universities is about 1%.

Of course, it’s true that on an individual basis, SAT’s don’t matter, but on average, they are all that matter. The correlations between IQ, SAT and understanding are pretty well documented. Top colleges calculate the odds of graduating from their colleges based on SAT,

My IQ was okay as a kid, but not anywhere near high enough to get a physics degree at a university. I struggle mightily with foreign languages and after a few coffee’s my brain goes like a duck’s ass in the wind storm. Sorry mom, but that’s the fact.

My degree was in geology, which is right where I should have been based on my IQ and SAT. My high school guidance counselor was a rare bird. A natural science degree usually correlates to an IQ of 125. Eerie how that works.


People may know “things” but they don’t know their nature. What does this have to do with reincarnation?

Contrary to what people egotistically believe, the mind isn’t the most extraordinary and complicated thing on earth, for the simple reason that it doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as a mind. The body is hardwired together, every cell, muscle and organ. The heart has as many neurons as the brain.

The brain ‘s function is to adapt to environments. Want to change? Move.

What reincarnation is, is the body adapting to the same environment over and over. You might ask, “Do you mean if I wear a civil war uniform, I’ll relive the civil war?’ No, but if you wear a civil war uniform, leave an 17-year-old wife home, get dysentery, freeze nearly to death, get shot at and have a leg amputated with a saw and no anesthetic, absolutely.

What does this have to do with intelligence?

Simple, it turns the world into a giant reality show. WE may not know the nature of things, but you can bet your ass the smart people do. Those perfect SAT scores? They dig and dig until they figure it out. And when they do, they don’t necessarily do nice things with the knowledge. That chemist in the Dorito’s factory doesn’t give a shit how fat your ass gets.

Reincarnation is nothing other than the body-mind adapting to the same environment over and over. If I cut your leg off with a rusty saw, you’ll feel the exact same pain a poor Irish kid that couldn’t afford an exemption from the civil war felt. If you have sex with Jennifer Aniston, you’ll feel just like Brad Pitt did. This “reincarnation” of feelings in fact, is why we have the Betty Ford clinic.

The CIA, FBI and NSA have been fermenting problems in the US since it was run by J. Edgar Hoover.

They’ve run their operation through Ford Foundation grants through Harvard and MIT for 60 years. (Those pesky high SAT scores again.) People think that it’s a coincidence that Bush and Obama both went there.

This is not to criticize them. If we used “the people” to run country, we’d probably be like Venezuela. But it’s important to know not just that you’re being played, but how.

(A Good article on how the mind plays tricks can be found here. It helps explain how reincarnation became a religion, practiced by even early Christians.)

If there is no mind only brain, and we inherit, genetically, the traits of our relatives, how can we do anything but relive their lives? The richest, safest province in Brazil is Santa Catalina, where Tom Brady’s wife is from. It was settled in the 1800’s by ethnic Germans. It has Brazil’s lowest crime rate, highest per capita GDP, and is the most industrialized province in south America. The richest island in the Antilles is Trinidad, settled by ethnic Indians. You may not like that fact, and may hate even thinking it, but there it is.

What we do in life, echo’s through eternity. The same is true of our great grandparents. Reincarnation is obvious. You may not believe it, but the smart people do. The difference between believing in reincarnation between the smart guys and the other 99% is that the 1% doesn’t think it’s mystical. They don’t aren’t following a swami. They have degrees in cognitive science and work for major corporations jerking your chain.

Author’s note: I am not political, and do not vote. I have no interest in arguing. I believe civility, though difficult to maintain, is a virtue and the lack a sin. We all sin, but let’s agree to keep it to a minimum.



The ‘Illuminati’ is REAL

The ‘Illuminati’ is REAL and secretly running our world claims former DEFENCE MINISTER.

EXCLUSIVE: A former defence minister has sensationally claimed the legendary Illuminati is REAL and secretly running world affairs from behind the scenes.

(Paul Schwartzmeyer note: Duh. Did somebody doubt this. When Lindsey Graham was asked about the 4 dead US soldiers in Namibia, he resonded, “I wasn’t aware we had troops in Namibia.” Well, who the fuck sent them there?) Click on the image below to read the article in it’s web page 
Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister of Defence, is believed to be the highest-ranking former politician to come out as a believer of the popular conspiracy theory.As one of the world’s biggest conspiracy theories, the Illuminati is said to be a secretive global elite which runs governments from behind the scenes and is planning to introduce a New World Order (NWO).

Its key members are said to be drawn from Hollywood and world political and business leaders, with some even accusing its true leaders of being reptilian lizards from space.

Accusations vary in extremities from the simple implementation of the NWO as a goal at the least, to the Illuminati being a highly Satanic cult seeking to return the devil to earth.

Other than repeated claims by conspiracy theorists, which have ballooned in number since the growth of the internet, there is no actual proof the Illuminati exists at all.

However, in a podcast, Mr Hellyer, who was in post in the 1960s, said the Illuminati, at least at its most basic concept, was real and all powerful.

He said corrupt hidden leaders continue to wage needless wars and focus on profits, rather than stopping climate change.


What a fool believes….

He sees.

As the song, goes. The image above is of the enticement dance from the movie, Kama Sutra, an extremely erotic Indian film about two girls, one a courtesan, the other a princess, both vying for the affections of a prince.

The cartels that run the world master in enticement, or as I like to call it, sensory baiting. This is why satire works so well. It teaches us how our world really works all the while we allow ourselves to be continually baited.

The purpose behind satire is to try and communicate with people who do not understand the nature of things.

My novels are not technically satire, but more directed fiction, much like the ancient story of Moibi and the fire breathing dragon. Moibi was a boy that believed himself a coward only to find out that his fears are unfounded. Even though Moibi thought himself a coward, no one else did. The Moibi story has been used by professional psychologists as a tool to erase irrational fears, because it communicates with the subconscious.

Which leaves us at square one. How do we teach the world the nature of things, when that nature cannot be simplified?

For example, the vast majority of university professionals don’t believe in evolution, though they go through great pains to say their political opponents don’t. There’s nothing in the theory that says evolution makes us smarter. We don’t evolve to be college students. We don’t evolve to be better. Evolution is based on survival bias. All the education in the world can’t protect you from a smart bomb.

Most television “intellectuals” aren’t all that smart. To be popular with people who don’t understand the nature of things, one has to condescend to the masses. Intelligent people don’t condescend, they write satire. One cannot talk intelligently about global warming and condescend to the masses. To simplify it would be to stupefy it.

The reason I mention this, is that we are on the precipice of major changes in the nature of things. This change will not be explained to you, it will be condescended to the masses to justify war, among other things.

Briefly, our economic system is at the end of its useful life. Our system of accounting has been so bastardized and corrupted, it is beyond repair and way beyond giving us any useful information about the nature of our companies. Our economic system is based on theories that cannot be proved outside the narrow confines of closed systems. What we call intelligence today is a grand coalition of the clueless, who use “science” to justify their existence, contrary to any real evidence.

As it said on a sign on a building in East Berlin after the Berlin wall fell, below a picture of Karl Marx; “Sorry chaps, it was just a theory.”

In nature, things grow until they die. In 300AD Rome had 3 million residents. By 1,000 AD there were 50 thousand. To this day, their past echoes through our lives with Roman Catholicism, Czars and organizations like the Knights of Malta. The Romans today exist only in Romance novels.

Authors have, after the fact of course, come up with hundreds of theories as to why Rome collapsed, but they all lead to the same conclusion. The Romans weren’t smart enough, an absurdity, since Rome is where all the smart people were. Rome built a system of trade and infrastructure that was not replaced for almost 1,000 years. Their art, sculpture and prose are still treasured today. Yet the Romans were overrun by illiterate people that hadn’t invented the wheel and had no written language.

We are at an exciting yet dangerous time in our history, one that will shake the roots of our beliefs. We will question the uses of science and our belief that scientific advances are helpful. Choking on smog, we’ll see a world with 7 billion people, 3/4ths of which are poor, uneducated yet empowered with voting rights and wonder how we ever imagined democracy could work. We’ll wonder what madness convinced us to abandon our religious beliefs and create a world of sensory priming that has turned us into fat, lethargic perverts that live on a steady diet of take out food, professional sports and pornography. We will begin to think of our televisions the way we used to think of typhoid fever.

It will cause us to question the nature of things.

But we will not see it. We’ll probably just kill each other.









Are we evolving into simpletons?

(or… “The quick answer is just a google search away.”)

Thinking is so 19th century.

It has been replaced by cyber-thinking, where the human brain is a venting platform for media induced mass hysteria. #toomuchcaffeineismakingmeanidiot.

Consider the latest #Youmissedthepointagain, the GOP release of the smoking gun.

If (as the media said) the memo had nothing new, why was the FBI trying so hard to classify it? Why?  Because they classify everything that’s embarrassing to them.

If you read through the Wikileaks emails, the JFK assassination files or most of these “illegal releases”, the only thing these agencies are hiding is their bureaucratic ineptitude. Nation security is really government job security.

The FBI took seven years to determine that the anthrax from the anthrax attacks didn’t come from Saddam but from our own labs. The first three years they spent trying to finger an innocent man who didn’t even know how to manufacture anthrax.


Or consider #metoo #howcanIgetpopularthroughslander #at24imstillachild.

Any child that has an (as my daughter used to call them) I don’t want to go to school tummy ache can act. To this day, I can’t tell you if she actually had a tummy ache or was making it up. People peak in acting skills at 7 years old.

Hollywood is a combination distribution monopoly, money laundering, drug binge, tax credit scam.

If you want to get rid of the male monster dominated nature, eliminate the monopoly, get rid of taxpayer funding and stop the practice of starting every meeting with a few lines of coke. If Hollywood had to operate as a real business and cut a profit, competence would be a skill again.

Of course, who can argue with #potissafecauseIwantit, #allnaturalpestisidesaregood4you.

When Homer Simpson was promoted to manager at the nuclear reactor, accidents went down. When Smither’s mentioned that those accidents were the ones Homer caused, Burns accused him of being a spoiled sport.

If pot is legal, crime from drugs will go down, but only a fraction of the crime caused by drugs in the first place. #thisismybrainondrugs #anyquestions. Where’s Smithers when you need him?

The biggest black market in New York is non-tax stamped cigarettes from the Native American nation. So, if I understand #Imfubarforlife, we have a billion-dollar black market for $9 cigarettes, but we’re not going to have one for $75 pot. #givemeafuckingbreak #nicetry

My favorite was #saddamhaswmd.

Let me see if I have this right. The Iranian nuclear reactor in Busher has 24,000 employees but Saddam’s was hidden in the back of a panel van that going down an Iraqi highway. His aluminum centrifuge tubes were, coincidentally, the same size as his guided missile tubes. #thingsibelievebecausemykid-isn’t-inthearmy. On 911, we were attacked by 11 Saudi’s and 3 Egyptians, so it only makes sense that Iraq was behind it. #Geographywasn’tmystrongestsubject.

The list goes on and on. #pinkandredfoodmustbegoodforme #peachesfromperuarefresh #Icanlose90poundsbycuttingoutbutter #Ineedaninstructortoteachmetoshakemyasstoamadonnacd

Maybe the solution is #stopusinghashtags as signs that you know something. Or maybe #googlethis.

My favorite has tag is #blondesarentdumbeverybodyelseis. That sums it up perfectly.


Should journalists be replaced by computers?

(Spoiler alert, many already have been.)

If one steps back and looks dispassionately at the media, a few things are obvious.

1) The media is beholden to politicians

2) Journalists are anti-intellectual, largely social or political science majors.

3) You really don’t have to read their articles or watch their TV shows to know what they’re going to say.

In science, there is a concept called confirmation bias, which is the interpretation of new evidence as confirmation of a person’s existing beliefs. It is considered anathema to any scientific analysis.

Scientists spend years trying to design studies that eliminate confirmation bias, more often than not, not succeeding totally.

When was the last time you saw a journalist attempt to eliminate confirmation bias?

Not only do journalists ignore confirmation bias, they seem to embrace the mirror opposite. The idiotic regurgitation of political niche-based confirmation. The major issues of the day are not analyzed dispassionately. They’re simplified to the point of nonsense and sent to ever smaller groups of sycophants.

In today’s intellectual climate, it’s not important to know anything.

People judge intelligence by what we believe in. This can be seen in many areas. For example.

– It’s important that we believe in global warming yet the solutions to the problems proposed by our environmentalists do little more than send money to political campaigns.

– It’s widely known by food producers that certain buzz words can create demand or stifle it. By giving a food a chemical name, people will stop eating it, even if the chemical is a natural ingredient. On the other hand, adding the word ‘organic’ makes it healthy. Eating has become largely political. In many cases among ‘intellectuals, it’s a belief-based identity. Gluten affects about a tenth of a percent of the population, but 100% of leftists and people who shop at Whole Foods.

– Whether something is legal or illegal is based on who is charged. When Trump was accused of using Russia to rig the election, it was illegal. When it was found Clinton did it, it was a non-event. When Bill Clinton passed legislation that was conservative, the contract with America, it was liberal. When Ronald Reagan doubled the social security tax, it was conservative.

This absurd confirmation bias is best typified by our politicians who have embraced hypocrisy as if it was a badge of honor. The same people who were ranting about illegal immigration 15 years ago are for it today.

The real problem with confirmation bias is its predictability.

In nature, predictability is weeded out by natural selection. If an animal is predictable, they are typically another animal’s dinner. In modern society the same is true. Advertisers, use todays insanely intrusive devices to play people as if they are Pavlov’s dogs. I recently had a conversation with a friend that, while feeding her dog an extremely expensive dog food from a health food store, ordered a pizza for herself. Another, after ranting on for 10 minutes about the evils of Monsanto, excused himself to go outside and smoke a cigarette.

Even more disturbing though, are advances in cognitive sciences.

Advances in the understanding of cognition are moving along at a breathtaking pace. What confirmation bias does, is cause people to focus on things that confirm not just what they believe, but what they know. Yesterday, the stock market fell 666 points. Leftists blamed Trump and right wingers blamed the democrats. Many evangelicals blamed the antichrist. Very few people blamed the real culprit. The collapsing market for treasury securities.

Few people see global warming for what it is.

A distraction. By focusing on warming, we ignore the real problems we face. Global environmental degradation caused by exploding third world populations and unrestricted money printing. In the twenty years between 1997 and 2017, as the US was reducing coal use by 200 million tons per year, China increased theirs by 3 ½ billion tons. During that time, India added the equivalent of ½ of the US population.

As long as our media is controlled by journalists, confirmation bias will dominate the dissemination of information.

As long as mass market advertising determines the complexity and relevance of what is discussed, content will be stupefied. As long as we are led by greed-based politics and businesses, we will be played as fools.

When will computers replace journalists? Unfortunately, not soon enough.

PS: Many people reading this will find their political opponents victims of confirmation bias. Few will see themselves that way


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